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Ingredients to Avoid


We avoid all sulfates, including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES).  The same ingredients that leave your dishes squeaky clean, these detergents can strip away the skin’s natural protective oils and increase pH levels, leaving sensitive skin imbalanced and exposed to irritation. We believe they can easily be substituted for kinder, natural alternatives.  Our Cleanser uses a gentle three oil system to lift away dirt and grime and our Petit Pai Apple Blossom & Mallow Hair & Body Wash uses a nifty all-natural Konjac sponge to create a rich lather.

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Phthalates are used as a fixative for fragrances, particularly in moisturisers and body creams. They're often absent from ingredients labels, instead being listed under 'parfum' and 'fragrance' or alternative names like DEP, DBP and DEHP. There are safety concerns around the effect Phthalates have on reproductive and endocrine systems and some forms are banned in the EU. 

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Often used as a substitute for parabens, phenoxyethanol is a popular preservative choice for natural beauty products. We avoid this preservative as it can be a trigger for condition such as eczema and contact dermatitis – it also brings our founder Sarah out in a rash!

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Petrochemicals are ingredients derived from petroleum. The beauty industry uses over one hundred of these chemicals, often as preservatives, bases for synthetic fragrances, emollients and to keep products moist for longer - think of a pack of facial wipes!  Some common petrochemicals, like Propylene Glycol, can cause skin irritation and have been linked to inflammatory conditions such as Eczema, so we choose to avoid them altogether.  Petrochemicals also require the use of finite resources, which is bad news for our planet. We've found plenty of effective, plant-based and renewable alternatives in nature. 

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Parabens are a common form of preservative used in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.  There’s been a lot of controversy over the safety of them in recent years, so we take a precautionary approach and avoid them altogether. This includes so called ‘natural parabens’, such as Japanese Honeysuckle. These ingredients contain parahydroxy benzoic acid, a natural compound on which parabens are based. They’re listed under their INCI plant name (Lonicera Japonica) and sometimes feature in ‘paraben-free’ products.

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