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Whatever your experience with sensitive skin, we’re here to help. Start with our three hero products - the foundations for calm, happy skin.

If it doesn’t work out? You’ve got 90 days to return it. No strings attached.

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  • A friend with sensitive skin recommended the camellia and rose cleanser and I've not looked back.
    Caitlin - Victoria, Australia

  • Finding Pai has honestly been life changing.
    Laura - London, UK

  • My friend recommended Pai and I haven't stopped raving about it since.
    Leanne - Broseley, UK

  • I've recommended this product to so many people and they all love it!
    Doris - London, UK

  • I have recommended this to friends with the confidence of knowing how much it is helping me.
    Beverley - Belfast, UK

  • I recommended it to my mom and sister and now they love it too.
    Joanna - Golina, Poland

  • A friend recommended this and after looking over the reviews I decided to order it. I love it!!
    Janet - Georgia, US

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We've got a small but brilliant team of skincare advisors who are here to help you find that perfect match. Hop on the phone, email or live chat with them and they can help advise you on what regime and which products will really do your skin some good.